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Werewolf Novel Month Presents: The Werewolf King's Mate

Author Temple Ali takes us on gripping fantasy adventure full of high-stakes tension.

You can find more on the author Temple Alli down below my book tease!

Book Rating: 5 Full Moons!

The Werewolf King's Mate gave me whiplash from its meticulous worldbuilding and dynamic characters.

Temple Alli stole my attention span with her romance novel, and I've never been thankful.

Alli drops us into the world of Lycans and we slowly begin to understand how other magical beings like Fae, factor in. As someone who is new to the Lycan genre, I loved that Alli laid everything out so that I could understand what was going on, without detracting from the story.

Her rich descriptions also make this a wonderful read for those new to the Lycan genre, or seasoned pros.

Her novel opens with a powerful first line that sets the tone for the novel:

Vannie had been a prisoner under the King's dungeons for four moons
Alli Chapter 1: The Four Moons

I have to say, I didn't think a novel titled The Werewolf King's Mate would start with our protagonist, Vannie, in a dungeon, but it hooked me.

Alli does not pull any punches, she shows how deplorable the conditions of this dungeon are, and how resentful Vannie is for being imprisonsed.

What's fantastic is that Vannie has agency, even if she is imprisoned. She resists against her captors, and isn't afraid of their abuse. She hates the king with a passion, and we soon figure out why.

She'd only met the Alpha twice. Once when he was torching her family house to the ground, and the other when he was ordering his men to do as they wanted....
Alli Chapter 1: The Four Moons


I love 'enemies to friends' or 'enemies to lovers' tropes, but Alli takes this trope and RUNS WITH IT.

Lycan or Shifter novels have a theme were two shifters are 'fated' to be together. Alpha males are destined to be with either another Alpha, or a Luna. In Alli's book, Vannie is a luna, and King Sinclair is the Alpha.

Vannie has the strength of conviction to not allow anyone to use her against her will, even the King Alpha, Sinclair. It is because of this strength that I knew this book would be a thrilling masterpiece in how to survive in desperate, awful circumstances.

"You can use my blood when I'm dead."
Alli Chapter 2: Blood-Bound


However, as we can so see from that graphic quote, he has done unspeakable things to Vannie, and I am sitting here spinning at how he can possibly redeem himself from these awful acts.

However, we do get chapters from Sinclair, or rather Sin's, perspective to help us understand how his psyche has unravelled.

He crashed to his knees, body trembling in agony as he continued to tear at himself. She would never forgive him. Never.
Alli Chapter 3: The Dark Alpha

We begin to understand that his insanity drove him to unheard of lengths, however as this novel teaches us, it is not Sin's fault he has gone insane, but it is his responsibility to right his wrongs.

It's a romantic slow burn that centers more on standing up for your ideals, not allowing society to dictate your life, and how to right wrongs. Sin has committed many awful transgressions, and understand this and works to rectify this.

What also impresses me is that each character as their own unique voice and manner of speaking so you know who is saying what without needing to go back and reread just to be sure. Sin for example is just dripping in regret, shame, and despair.

How could he ever deserve her? How could either of them ever get past this?
Alli Chapter 4: I Hate You.

The Werewolf King's Mate was nothing like I expected, and I am so excited that I got wrapped up into her amazing storytelling.

Vannie, a half-fae, half-lycan woman who has had everything taken from her has to now find purpose and heal.

Sin, the King of Alphas, has to take responsibility for his wrong-doings, and help rebuild what he has destroyed, including his bond to his own mate.

This novel is such a rollercoaster with dazzling heights and gut-souring lows!

Are Sinclair's transgressions tothe love of his life beyond redemption?

Can Vannie move past her trauma to find a fullfilling life as Queen alongside Sinclair?

How do they find love and free-will in a world where prophecy dooms them to fail?

For a read that makes you question your own values, and a love story unlike the rest of the Lycan genre, check out The Werewolf King's Mate here on Webnovel, Dreame, or iReader!!!


Now: My exclusive author interview with Temple Alli!


1) Which part of your book was the most fun to write?

The part of the story that was most fun to write for me would definitely be the first hug scene.
That marked the progression from slow-burn to high heat. In this book, the heroine is supposed to acutely hate the hero, so when they finally work through their issues and call a truce, it felt cathartic for me as much as I imagined it would for them.

2) What do you find is the most difficult part of being an indie author?

The most difficult part of being an indie author is growing a platform.
I, like many authors before me, just want a small cult of loyal readers to fall in love with my characters as much as I have. It's very uplifting to get the occasional review.

3) What piece of advice do you have for indie authors looking to either self-publish or to try to strike out on their own?

For fellow self-publishers, I'm going to say just do what feels right for your book and career.
It's a very beautiful thing to have the fate of your book in your own hands and be responsible for it all the way, but I understand some people don't want that burden.
So just do you.

About the author:

You can find out more about the talented author Temple Alli on her website and you can follow her on Twitter(@templeallii)!

Thank you again for reading, and as always, Embrace the Paper Hurricane!


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