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Beach Waves



Contemporary Romance

The writing is engaging and breezy. I'm looking forward to seing more from this author!


Starry Sky
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For Lycans,

Press One

Paranormal LGBT Romance

"The story is compelling, with reveals and developments that make it a page-turner! The characters felt believable and nuanced, and fit perfectly into the world-building." Liam Tuohy

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Blurry Forest

To Pine for Pink Opals

Fantasy LGBT Romance

"I'm OBSESSED with this book. I cannot wait to see the passion between Heldon and Tival blossom" -Chloe Higgins

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Romance Novel cover

-For Lycans, Press One

Mackenzie thought her life working at the local bank was boring and simple until, suddenly, it wasn't. Can such a simple love survive the return of an old flame, brutal fights with Shifters, and a violent mystery that rocks a small town? 


It will be a close call, but for Lycans, you can always press one.


-To Pine for Pink Opals

Heldon Flay had one job to do: negotiate with the nearby vampire coven and save his home. ​It was easy going until a rugged, sun-kissed mystery man met him under a maple tree and disarmed him with his charm and wit.​


When danger comes in the forms of vampires, werewolves and prophecies, how can Heldon and Tival save everyone and save their fragile, burning love?

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