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Indie Author and Sightseer

I'm an American living abroad in the gorgeous, fast-paced city of Hong Kong. I'm currently working for Eglobal Creative publishing and publish my works for such apps as Webnovel and Dreame. ​


When I'm not punishing my keyboard for my own writer's block, I'm running along Victoria Harbor, or doing something else like kayaking or just enjoying a lazy beach day.Though, one of my all time favorite activities is eating burritos on my rooftop with my friends. 


Along with continuing to educate myself with by being a better writer, I also am studying Mandarin in Hong Kong. I hope one day to be a self-published author, but what I really want more than anything is for people to read what I write and enjoy it. I also really enjoy joining and building communities so if you are a fellow indie author, or enjoy writing, please feel free to reach out to me!​ 


Words matter, what we write matters.​​

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