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Taking a step back to see the whole picture (and exciting surprise announcement!!)

Sometimes it's necessary, in writing and in life, to really take stock and be thankful.

Hong Kong Writer's meetup
My writing group is expanding (I swear Ill upload my new short stories soon!)

Taking a step back to focus on how far we've come, and not how far we have to go has been vital for my psyche so I stare into the unrelenting void less often.

I've been flying through writing the first half of my third and

so far most fun novel to date! and while I wouldn't say writing is the easiest thing in the world for me, it is one of my top passions. However with passions, come the discipline and routine to actually get it done when the motivation runs out.

And I agree with the notion that the more disciplined you are, the more you get done. I feel proud of what I can accomplish when I stick to a fairly strict routine, no matter if it's writing, working out, Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, skincare or bedtime.


It is necessary and inevitable for there to be a break in routine, to step back and realize that life is not about how much you can accomplish in a day, a month, a year, or a decade. That our identity doesn't depend on our routines or our accolades.

Yes, we all want to leave behind legacies, and at least I want to have something to show for what I've done. It's why I set my fitbit to hike mode when I hike to count the steps (as if they wouldn't count if they weren't tracked)

It's why I have my productivity app on my phone 'Forest' that basically locks my phone and grows a garden for a set amount of time. (which btw also plants real trees).

It's also why I'm chasing promotions in BJJ and rushing to get my novel done in time by the deadline and trying to fix up my website for optimized for SEO and figuring out how to do some Google Ad campaigns and this, that, and the third.

However, after talking to a friend of mine after she was forced to take a break from BJJ after a gym injury, I realized that sometimes, we just need a break in routine.

We need to go outside and literally touch some damn grass.

We need to take a step out, and see just how big the world is outside what we are 'grinding' for, and be thankful for how quickly we can change what we are after.

When I got sober 4.5 years ago, I realized just how quickly my identity could heel-turn from being a party organizer and having my life revolve around alcohol and socializing, to pursuing new hobbies and rediscovering old things that I had forgotten made me, me.

So, even though I love what I'm pursuing right now if I can't or decide not to pursue them for a time, or change my mind about pursuing them, I'm still here, I'm still a part of this world.

I'm still just as worthy

So for everyone on staying the course and getting shit done, or people taking a break from their productivity hedonism...just know that life comes in tides and that it's all okay.

You can't be late to your own journey post
Cheesy but true

Also, I almost forgot, my SURPRISE ANNOUNCEMENT!

I'll soon be taking a break this autumn myself for a HUGE upcoming work trip in Europe!

Netherlands Autumn
I'll be around here late September/Early Oct?

I'll be in the Netherlands and....

I'll be here mid October!

and Germany for work

(and some cheeky play!)

For a MONTH!

Ha ha Business Meme
I'm important?!

So to all my far-flung friends across Europe, from London to Nottingham, to Belgrade to Istanbul, I'll be in your longitudes to bust out of my Asia routine and get some perspective and have some fun!

So buckle up buttercups, life is coming!

That's all from me from the paper hurricane, will update you all soon with some book reviews!


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