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Novel Cover Reveal, Upcoming Travels, and More Updates!

Dropping my newest novel, getting my 4th stripe, and picking up cheese, and stroopwafels in Amsterdam!

Hong Kong Writing workshop
Latest writing workshop meeting! Lots of new fun people in attendance

Hello everyone I have lots of exciting news!

I've been going full-focus mode on my life goals this summer, and while I may not have traveled a lot, or gone out and partied hard (1,711 days sober), I've made more than a few breakthroughs!

One of which is designing my own cover and cover reveal and updates, but I will save the best for last!

The first I want to share is with my phenomenal writing community (pictured above) while I don't make it to every Tuesday meeting, I try my best to make it at least three times a month.

Hong Kong Writers' Cafe
Bonus pic of my lovely writing group!

One is I'm only one promotion away from getting my blue belt in BJJ. I've been practicing a lot and focusing on my fitness to achieve this goal. I don't think I truly visualized this goal getting within reach until I made a mini 'visualization movie' of my life goals and put 'getting my blue belt' in this visualization movie.

I'm becoming a firm believer that if I don't give up, and keep going one step at a time, I can achieve any and all of my goals.

Shoutout to SHBJJ HK and its wonderful community!

Not only this, and becoming closer to the wonderful people in my BJJ community. Sometimes it takes a lot for me to really understand some simple concepts, such as you get out what you put in. Getting closer with others in my jiu jitsu gym has made me enjoy it even more.

Friday Morning Spar class!

I've made significant strides in my career as well, and am getting pumped for my first international business trip.

And when living in Hong Kong, when we hear 'business trip' we think Singapore, Taipei, maybe something like Tokyo....

However this time, my company is sending me a bit farther away.

September 26th (what a birthday present) I'll be going to Amsterdam for a three week business trip!!

I'll be helping out with various logistics expos in the Netherlands and Dusseldorf Germany, as well as taking in the sights, and eating ALL THE CHEESE!

Cheese market in Amsterdam

I hope to visit a bunch of my friends in Eurotown, and have some friends visit me! I'll give you some updates on who I may visit when I see them! (Hint, may already have a flight booked to a country in Eastern Europe I've been DYING to get to)

However, after my three-week stint with my awesome robotics company, I'll be flying to Lisbon to see my fellow Dragon Sister Arcadia for our next epic island adventure:

Sweetings Cay, Bahamas
Yet another adventure!

We're meeting up for a week and venturing to a location that I had barely heard of before we decided to go the Azores!

Stay tuned for more updates on my traveling adventures!


Here is what you've all been waiting for: my latest novel cover reveal and updates!

I'm especially excited for this book because this will be my first dip into the contemporary romance scene. To Pine for Pink Opals was a fantasy romance, For Lycans Press One was a Supernatural Romance, and my next novel is all about achieving the impossible in the real world.

Forbidden Depths cover reveal
Forbidden Depths Dropping SOON!

Forbidden Depths, will be the escape you're looking for from the everyday lull! My newest contemporary romance will ignite your senses and enthrall you into a world of surfing, treasure hunting, betrayal, and of course, spiciness!

drink on the beach
Wish you were here? me too.

Lucille (Seeley) DeMarco, an avid diver, thought her ‘happily ever after’ was coming true when her billionaire boyfriend asked her to join him on the island of Tucunia. Yet, that feeling didn’t last long.
When Seeley arrived the day after him, she learned the relationship she sacrificed everything for was just a joke to him.
Heartbroken, Seeley, meets an attractive pro surfer, Asher, with more in common than meets the eye.
After getting to know each other (in more ways than one) and finding out they both have demons to face, the adventurous diver and heartthrob surfer come to an intriguing arrangement to help each other out—a fake relationship.
But as the two grow closer unraveling secrets about each of their families, and dealing with a powerful resort destroying Tucunia’s beautiful beaches, will they both stick to their deal? Or will they fall into the forbidden depths of their hearts? *** “Are you gonna get over here, or am I going to get started by myself?” “As hot as that would be, I’m not much for spectator sports. I’d rather pleasure you until you forget your name.”

Anyway, that teaser should be enough to whet y'all's apetite for the drop later this week!

Forbidden Depths will drop soon on Kindlevella, WebNovel, iReader, Dreame, and hopefully if it performs well, also on Kindle itself!

This is book #3 (so many threes in this blog today!) and I'm so excited to be publishing it with eGlobal again, and maybe at some point I will self-publish, but for now, keep your eyes peeled on those apps for my new book!

Thanks again for reading! And as always, I'm embracing the Paper Hurricane!


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