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Exciting News! My New Novel is Published!

Forbidden Depths is my third and most thrilling and fun novel yet!

Autumn Reading
A Summer Banger just in time for Fall!

Hi everyone! I'm thrilled to announce that my new romance novel Forbidden Depths has hit Webnovel!

My lovely contemporary romance book has been a labor of love this summer, as I've sprinted to get this all published and to keep my dream alive of busting out as a writer.

My new novel, Forbidden Depths is a contemporary romance novel mixed with just enough mystery, betrayal, and spice to keep you snuggled up under a blanket, happily escaping the real world (for at least a little while).

phone and coffee
You can read it on your phone, tablet or computer!


Lucy DeMarco, an avid diver, thought her ‘happily ever after’ was coming true when her billionaire boyfriend asked her to join him on the island of Tucunia. Yet, that feeling didn’t last long.
When Lucy arrives after him, she learned the relationship she sacrificed everything for was just a joke.
Heartbroken, Seeley, meets an attractive pro surfer, Asher, with more in common than meets the eye.
After getting to know each other (in more ways than one), the diver and heartthrob surfer enter an intriguing arrangement to help each other out—a fake relationship.
But as the two grow closer unraveling secrets about each of their families, and dealing with a powerful resort destroying Tucunia’s beautiful beaches, will they both stick to their deal?
Or will they fall into the forbidden depths of their hearts?
“Are you gonna get over here, or am I going to get started by myself?”
“As hot as that would be, I’m not much for spectator sports. I’d rather pleasure you until you forget your name.”
Rose, wine and book
Pairs perfectly with your favorite drink

My book debuts on Webnovel, an extremely popular fictional story hub, and will soon be released on similar platforms like Dreame, iReader, Amazon's Kindlevella.

The app is easy to use, and even has other books if you've read all the available chapters of mine and need to devour more!

I love all the support I get on here, and leaving a review on my book would not only make my day, but really help the app's algorithm and help my book reach more people!

webnovel review platform
it's literally this easy

Thank you all for staying with me so far! Right now my book is only halfway up on the app as I am busy writing more of it to finish all 50 chapters.

Thanks to my amazing editors, and all my other fell authors at eGlobal for inspiration. and to everyone here cheering me on!


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