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Werewolf Novel Month Presents: Dream Prince Wolf

Author Charlotte Lambert's Wolf Shifter novel pulls you into a nostalgic YA fantasy.

You can find more on the author Charlotte Lambert down below my book tease!

Book Rating: 5 Full Moons!

Dream Prince Wolf made me believe in magical power of the forest again.

Charlotte Lambert starts her enchanting novel with her main character, Julietta acting out a make-believe play to her imaginary fans in the middle of a misty, lush forest.

Yet we soon discover that she in fact has one fan who is very unexpected, but very real.

A white wolf.

And our protagonist reacts in a believable, realistic way that completely wins me over:

"Am I seeing things?" She asked beneath her breath. It was really a wolf that was apparently staring straight back at her
Lambert Chapter 1: A Strange Sighting

Juiletta doesn't chase after the wolf, in fact she's frightened at first, as one should be encountering such a powerful and potentially dangerous creature in the foggy forest. However, we can see she is transfixed by the snow-white animal, and that she can't wait to see it again.

She even sings on her way home to her family cottage. Lambert here shows that our main character doesn't live in a big city, which is so often the case with novels, and lives close to the nature that she loves so much.

What I love about this main charcter is how dreamy she is, which reflects perfectly back into the title.

Julietta dreamt about being in a fantasy world where she was a queen....She woke up disappointed that the dream was not real
Lambert Chapter 1: A Strange Sighting

I can relate to this so hard, especially when Julietta's mother asks her why her head always seems in the clouds. I've always been an exceptional day dreamer, and this book reminded me of being a high schooler again and dream about going to new places and discovering new fantasy animals.

The main character isn't apologetic for her dreamy nature, not even to her best friend Emile

Julietta does what her heart desires, and leads the way. In fact, the two characters she's closest to wish to follow her around to figure out what fascinates her so. However, Julietta is wonderfully rooted in her creative, whimiscal independence.

Julietta stared at her mother in disbelief....Of all days, her mother chose to accompany her today.
Lambert Chapter 2: Disappointment and Chaos

Just let me live out my dream of being an actress and find my wolf again, MOM!

Ok, that was in my own voice, not the characters, but this just shows how relatable the character is, and shows that she has her own agenda and independence that I completely admire.

Her parents, (her father is largely absent from the beginning of the novel), wish for her to go into medicine, however she a dream to become an actress, and even practices singing in the forest on her own to help her skills.

However, even more interesting is her friendship with Emile, who seems intrigued by her, but she feels held back by him at some points.

She was surprised to realize that a part of her was relieved about the fact that Emile was not accompanying her to the lake anymore.
It suddenly felt like her own private experience, and she did not want to share it yet.

Lambert Chapter 1: A Strange Sighting


I can't speak for the author's intentions here, but I really relate to Julietta's hesitency to give up the most private, intimate parts of herself, even to her closest friends.

I believe we all have unexplainable aspects of ourselves that we want to keep hidden and sacred,.

Julietta's sacred secret is the mysterious white wolf she keeps encountering.

She knows that the people in her life wouldn't fully understand the connection she is building with him. She is both fiercely protective over him and wants to know everything about him.

However, what's curious is that it is Emile who tells her to stop going to the lake.

" should stay away because you don't know who is perhaps watching your movements," Emile responded.
Lambert Chapter 3: An Exciting Visitation

While Julietta thinks that Emile is looking out for her safety only, the reader begins to think that he may have ulterior motives for keeping Julietta away from the forest.

Maybe he's envious.

Maybe he knows something about the wolf since he paints exotic animals.

Whatever the case, Julietta continues to go to the forest anyway to look for her white wolf, despite her parents forbidding it, and Emile trying to scare her away from it.

In fact, she even begins to suspect that she shouldn't have told Emile at all.

She still did not feel like telling Emile about her sighting of the wolf earlier that evening. It was too precious of a memory.
Lambert Ch 4: Lacking Focus

I found myself drawn into its understated tension between Julietta and the people closest to her.

What I find so refreshing about this YA contemporary romance novel is that Lambert shows us that there doesn't have to be high stakes to create tension and conflict.

Lambert masters how hard it can be to grow up not knowing who you want to be, or what you want you want to do. More importantly, she shows how realistic conflict can be instead of bombastic and direct arguments, to tense, passive aggressive behavior and overprotective, gaslighting dialogue.

Julietta, I'm rooting for you, and I'm also rooting for Emile to see the light and to let you live!

I also found myself asking the following questions:

Who is this wolf, and why does he keep appearing to her?

Why does Emile appear to be holding back Julietta from what she wants?

When will she find out the mystery behind the wolf?

Will Julietta choose to be a doctor, an actor or something else entirely?

How can Julietta uncover the mystery of the wolf when Emile and her mother don't support her?

For a read that bring you back to when you were young and discovering that sometimes dreams comes true, check out Dream Prince Wolf here on Webnovel, Dreame, or iReader!!!


Now: My exclusive author interview with Charlotte Lambert


1) Which part of your book was the most fun to write?

I think I really enjoyed writing about Julietta's friend, Elliot when he saw the wolf coming out of the lake, walking a few paces and then transform into a naked man. He then fainted when he had a closer look and realised that it was Raine, Julietta's love interest!

2) What do you find is the most difficult part of being an indie author?

What I find to be most difficult about being an indie author is the fact that some people assume that one is not good enough for traditional publishing.
Together with that is the need to do extensive and professional standard promotions for which one does not always have a budget.
One cannot appear on numerous television and radio shows. One is not approached by newspaper journalists, magazine editors, etc, as with traditional publishing where the publishers pay for all those aspects of the launch. One cannot put up billboards, etc.

3) What piece of advice do you have for indie authors looking to either self-publish or to try to strike out on their own?

a. I would advise them to do the work. Do the necessary research about the topic that you are going to write about.
b. Be passionate about your book and give it your best effort. Approach it as if it's your last project ever.
c.Then get good editing done. Don't neglect the editing part at all.
d.Get an opinion about your work from someone else, so that you will know whether this is for you or not.
e.Send your work out to various publishers as well so that you can know whether you are on the right track.
f. Meet up with fellow authors by joining writers groups, etc.
g.Never pass up an opportunity for extra training.
h. Take care with your synopsis and the cover of your book. Invest enough time in those two aspects of the book because you don't want people to miss out on the opportunity of reading an amazing book.
i. Promote as extensively and as creatively as you can. Don't stop promoting because you have to view this as a business as well. Success depends on repetition and consistency. People need to know that you are serious about your production. If possible, find a professional to do the promotions on various platforms.
j. Don't give up if you know that you're a writer.

About the author:

You can find out more about the talented author Charlotte Lambert on her facebook and her instagram (@charlottelambert12)!

Thank you again for reading, and as always, Embrace the Paper Hurricane!


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