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New Romance Novel Teaser.....

Stay tuned for my next romance novel, set to drop later this month!

New Romance Novel Teaser

Ready or not, my new romance novel teaser is here to make a splash!

Unlike my previous two novels To Pine for Pink Opals, and For Lycans Press One, this novel will be a steamy contemporary romance set in an island paradise.

I'm over the MOON about how well this novel is shaping up. I know you will all love the protagonist and the irresistible trouble she will get into trying to navigate betrayal, heartbreak, surfers, lifeguards, and of course, treasure.

I'll be teasing snippets and clues as I gear up for its launch on Webnovel, iReader, KindleVella, and Dreame, including a cover art drop coming later this month!

While you are all waiting for my newest novel to hit the shelves on these amazing apps, you can check out my previous two novels to see how my writing has evolved, and prep yourself for my hottest book yet!


To Pine For Pink Opals
To Pine for Pink Opals has 110+ reads on Webnovel ALONE!

For a riveting, steamy fantasy LGBTQ romance novel with vampires, werewolves, and love overcoming any odds, check out To Pine for Pink Opals.



For Lycans Press One
I am SO PROUD of myself for finishing this while having a full time job

For a steamy supernatural LGBTQ romance novel with Lycans, Shifters, and Nothing is what it seems check out For Lycans Press One.



Thank all of you again for all your wonderful support. I really hope you all enjoy my next novel! Stay tuned for my cover reveal, and exciting updates as well to my short story portfolio which I also hope to get published, and maybe some small slices of other aspects of my life!

Complementary photo of the trouble I get into outside writing

Don't let go of your dreams, and don't leave yourself behind!

Embrace the paper hurricane!


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