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The Long-Term Struggle.

What are any of us even doing anyway?

french press and mug
What's the ROI on 'Bee Unique', huh mug?!

As I'm entering my 11th month of 'fuck around and find out' in Hong Kong, I am beginning to wonder how exactly I am going to keep persisting in my writing once my study visa is over in mid-September.

I honestly have no idea how my life is going to look after it's over.

I know that I want to keep persisting in my writing, but not knowing where this career may lead me, both developmentally and physically, I am beginning to question what it is I really want to do, and where I can do it.

Realistically, I'd love to have a fully remote writing position, yet those are of course not always easy to get, and a lot of them do pay that well.

Lisa Simpson
I need Lisa to give me her two cents

I agree with the sentiment that no one gets into writing for the money. Yes money is great, but that's not the primary motivation for me. Yet, I gotta make money to live so here I am. We don't live in some sort of utopia where I can just get money to exist and simply create.

That's not how our world works, and it probably never will work like that.

I know that I want to persist in this, and maybe I'll never make a dime off of it. Maybe I'll just fall into obscurity, or into yet another existential crisis.

But, for now, I'm just gonna keep leaning into the writing struggle. See what happens when I keep down this path. Keep writing that one next word.

farmer meme
Oh. the HONESTY.

Until again, I'm just embracing the Paper Hurricane

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