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Starting A New Chapter

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Both literally and figuratively. I'm so damn clever.....(slams face into keyboard)

Hong Kong Sai Ying Pun
Dw, still in HK......for now

So, I've just signed a new contract with eGlobal Creative Publishing and I'm on my way to writing my next novel! I've been excited to start this novel, but at the same time I've been struggling to really throw myself into it.

I think I inadvertantly channelled some old school Lana Del Rey 'Summertime Sadness'.

Jesus (or Lana, or any adult) take the wheel, PLEASE

Starting a new novel is a bit daunting for me right now because I feel that I have to fall in love with new characters and a new plot all over again.

However, I am up for the challenge, along with other challenges that are being thrown at me in life at the moment. I'm working up the motivation to get myself back in the gym, and I am applying to writing and gaming jobs here in Hong Kong and even working on doing the same in Europe.

Resume meme
For a Copywriting position, no less.

I'll tease my new novel when the cover art is finished, and hopefully tease a new job.

(hahahahahaha oh god, why didn't I just do what all my other friends did and stay and work in the same industry???)

What I will tease about my new novel is that it's a contemporary supernatual romance involving werewolves, call centers, motorcycles, and protests. It will be a piece on self acceptance, healing, love and society at large.

Call center memes
Or least mine was

It will hopefully also be funny, which is sometimes not my forte, but hey always gotta try new things. I mean, when life is this absurd, you just gotta find your sense of humor. And what is more absurd than a love triangle involving a Lycan that works in a call center?

I'm leaning out of doomerism, and leaning full into absurdism.

(Is there order in this disorder? No? Ok, time for me to go full neon entropy then)

My new novel will also be LGBT friendly, and that's a theme I definitely will keep throughout my novel writing career.

all the colors. all the time.

I'm still here also studying Mandarin, and trying to balance this teetering tower of plates while trying to carve out some workable future and bangin' out a new novel that hopefully everyone will enjoy and be able to relate to.

Anyway, I hope everyone else is weathering this heatwave, I know I'm doing my best to overcome it, and get my life together.

I'll have three seances and a sacrifice if that's what it takes.

I can do it.

and whatever it is you want to do, you can do it too.

Until again, I'm embracing the Paper Hurricane!

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