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Reaching the Finish Line

Approaching the end of my novel 'To Pine for Pink Opals' is bittersweet.

Shisha Awtar Lounge Hong Kong
Pushing through that writers block with shisha

As I near the last remaining chapters of my novel, I am struck with the melancholy of leaving these wonderful characters behind and starting on a new story. In a way, it's almost like leaving friends behind, which I am used to being an expat in a foreign country.

I didn't anticipate the ending coming with such a sense of finality though. While I would love to do a spin-off book to this with some other side characters taking the limelight (think like Bridgerton, only less croquet and more bounty hunters), I have another idea that's also eating away at my creativity at the same time.

Maybe the inside of my own psyche at all times

While I wrap up this wonderful, amazing adventure that I, and my gracious editor Chloe Higgins has taken me on, I am reflecting on how much I've grown in just committing to my budding career as an indie author, and how I don't want this to stop.

I'm excited that many more adventures await my keyboard, and I hope that I can gain a readership that also loves my novels as much as I do.

Writing LGBTQ+ friendly romance novels isn't exactly niche, but I do feel like there needs to be more representation across all sorts of subgenres like paranormal, fantasy, and of course contemporary romance as well.

LGBT love is love
And I will write this love.

As I reflect at my writing, it also is apparent that I use my writing as a way to deal with my own feelings and thoughts on romance, people, how we all come together. I once heard that writing is how authors process trauma, heartbreak, or other setbacks in life, and I have to agree with this.

As I grow as a person, I feel that my writing will also grow in tandem and that this little flicker of hope that I can one day make it as a writer and author will flame on.

Oscar Wilde quote
He may have been onto something here.

As always, I will continue to update you on my writing process, and there will be a big hurrah when 'To Pine for Pink Opals' is finally completed.

Until then, I'll continue to embrace the Paper Hurricane!


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