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Paper Hurricane: My first podcast!!

Better late than never!

Monster Energy Drink Podcast
This energy drink will chill me out....said no one ever.

An amazing fellow indie author, Andi, has an INCREDIBLE podcast called Imperfectious found here on Apple podcasts, and Spotify and and invited ME to be on it!

Well, color me flattered!

If I can fit in a Sailor Moon gif, I will.

Her book 'Poisoned by Desire' is authored under the pen name, Lydia Clarke, and her romance novel is an absolute stunner. It's set in a paranormal universe about a witch named Cion attending university who meets the steamy yet reserved bartender named Julien at a party.

Without giving much away, you'll be thanking any god that Andie penned such an amazing book. You'll just keep scrolling! You can find it on Webnovel, Dreame, or iReader apps!

Anyway, I can't gush enough about this book, but what I want to gush about more is her podcast.

Our podcast topic was Honesty and Bravery, along with talking about my own book, To Pine for Pink Opals.

Before going on, even though she told me not to worry, I still found myself sweating in the cool Hong Kong night over what would happen if I said something stupid, or went too off topic, or really any disaster that could happen.

Scared Hamster meme
Honesty about my life, on a PUBLIC PODCAST?

Well, all those worries were for nothing because Imperfectious is first and foremost about embracing the fact that none of us will ever be perfect, and therefore nothing we create will ever be either. And that we shouldn't strive for perfection, we should strive to be honest with ourselves and brave enough to show others who we are.

On top of that super serious paragraph, Andi is a gracious and hilarious host and I had SO MUCH FUN.

I didn't expect it to feel so natural.

I never thought I'd have so much fun on a podcast, since I don't actually listen to many. Shame shame, I know, but I'm much more of a music gal than a podcast gal.

However, this may have me changing my mind.

I won't spoil her podcast much, but I will totally link it here when it airs!!!

As I continue down this rather terrifying and exhilerating path of being an indie author, I am more reminded than ever that I am not alone.

With a fuck-ton of persistence, and a supportive community, I'm capable of making my dreams a reality, and I cannot wait to support other indie authors in the same way!

Until again, I'm Meg fully embracing the paper hurricane of creativity.

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