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On Food Poisoning and Accomplishments.

Because, when you think of one, you definitely think of the other, right?

Clearwater bay Junk Boat Hong Kong
Clearwater Bay(清水湾), prior to food poisoning.

So in Hong Kong, a very important season just started. No I'm not talking about summer, or a Netflix special (though I can't wait for Heartstopper s2) I'm talking about junk boat season.

garbage barge Hong Kong
No, not this kind, but they're doing god's work.

Junk boat season is when people all chip in to rent a boat and go out into the water for general debauchery. Usually a lot of water sports are involved, good food and drinks. I participated, but I kept up my sobriety! I'm pretty proud of how long I've managed to not drink, even when around it a lot.

I Am Sober app
4/20 stands for California Sobriety

Now, what does this have to do with writing...or whatever the hell you wrote as your title? You asked?

Well, obviously something on our boat made a lot of people get food poisoning (No more boat curry for me) but also I felt guilty for not spending the day doing more writing, or focusing on my chinese studies. It also felt extremely indulgent, especially considering what is going on in the world.

Yet, I think I really needed the break to clear my head (in clearwater bay no less) I needed a day where I could enjoy the nature and the fun that make Hong Kong so appealing.

A better view of what I'm talking about without my big head in the way

I honestly think that sometimes, writers need to pull back, and do something completely different to push through some serious writer's block, and general lack of inspiration. One of the better ways for me to do this is to get out on the water and soak in some rays and meet new people doing new things!

I know that I can sometimes feel guilty about doing something so self indulgent when there is so much else I could be doing that is 'productive' but honestly, sometimes we as people just need the break.

And even if we don't get right back into our writing due to reasons....

Trust yourself that you will find your way back, and keep those ideas alive and percolating. Our stories are worth being told, and if we aren't going to tell them, no one else will.

At the same time, we're all human, trying our best to be the person we most want to be.

And if the person I want to be is writing LGBT friendly romance novels with a spicy kick of erotica mixed in, then I'm gonna keep writing until something clicks.

This isn't even my final form

Until again, I'm embracing the paper hurricane.


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