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New Career, New Schedule, Same Ol' Meg.

Maybe we never stop starting over...

1000 Islands Hong Kong
getting some green

I recently accepted a job offer for a Content Management position for a Marketing Firm here in Hong Kong. While my work permit still needs to be approved and processed (fingers fucking crossed bois) I'm excited to start a new career chapter learning how to become a better writer and working on my strengths.

hopefully not working like a dog.

While I adjust to my new work schedule, my Friday Fire Reads and other blog posts will come back, but probably at a slower update pace. I'm still going to keep up my blog, but I take a while to adjust to new schedules, and I don't want to burn myself out.

Hong Kong Causeway Bay Writer's Meetup
for example, I still attend workshop, but I haven't edited my story yet

I'm excited about this new opportunity and where it will take me. I'm also looking forward to having a bit more structure in my day, fitting in my novel, and starting Brazilian Jiu Jitsu again.

LMAO 90's gif ftw

Summer 2021- summer 2022 has been a....fucking ridiculous year for me to say the least. But I've grown a lot, and learned a lot. I think I've realized that I'll never stop starting over, and that's OK.

Starting over doesn't mean you failed at the previous thing, and there is no shame in starting up a hobby or pursuit again that you had to pause for whatever reason.

Think Pink.

As for me, I'm gonna keep pursuing what's important to me, and see where I end up along the way. No matter which city, country, continent, or hemisphere you're in, I'm cheering you on with whatever matters to you.

As always, I'm embracing the Paper Hurricane. Love you all!

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