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My Creative Collapse

Yeah, so total shut down, 1/10 do not recommend.

Hong Kong Sai Ying Pun
Me and my amazing friend chillin in our HK rooftop

For a while, I put way too much energy into people and projects that just weren't giving me much benefit. I burned myself out on some projects and aspects of my life, and I was trying to control or keep things that ultimately can't be controlled or kept.

As much as I like to try to kid myself, life is always changing and in flux and nothing stays the same. You can't step in the same river twice, not only are you different but so is the river.

So, long story short; I let go so I could come back.

My life is in a lot of flux right now. I'm applying to jobs here in Hong Kong, and as I'm sure we all know, applying to jobs is soul sucking.

Dank Possum Meme
(I can't girlboss under any condition)

I may not be able to stick around in Hong Kong, and I've made peace with that. My creative goals can be achieved wherever I end up going next.

Yes, uncertainty is a lot, but I've stopped putting pressure on myself to try to claw out a life here, or to figure out where the perfect place is next.

Nothing is fully in my control, and my energy white-knuckling it isn't helping me with my creative pursuits

Pokemon meme
Just like Venusaur, I can only do my best.

I came to Hong Kong on a tourist visa last August during covid and ended up staying. It was never my goal to stay long term, but if I didn't end up staying this long, I would've never rediscovered my love of writing, or written and published my first one.

Next Novel Coming Soon!!!

So, by autumn I'll know if I'm staying here, or heading back to America.

I don't know what's in store yet, but what I do know is that my next novel is on the way, and I am STOKED to see what people think of it!!!

Small spoilers, love triangle incoming:

LGBT love triangles GALORE!

I'm getting really excited about it, and I can't wait to see how it turns out. And I'll be back to my regular Friday Fire Reads and everything else this week. I'm ready to go.

Embracing the hurricane of uncertainty is daunting, but I can roll with the punches.

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