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Welcome to Meg Carlyle's Author Blog!

Updated: May 9, 2022

Embracing the Paper Hurricane.

Surrounded by the creative chaos of my small Hong Kong apartment, I bring to you my shiny new writers blog!

My writing support crew contributing to the chaos.

I'll dive deep and gritty into the struggles of writing, but also highlight the wonderful joys that come from it. Additionally, I'll support the growing Indie Author community, and have this be a platform to help writers, especially LGBTQIA and women writers, be seen and heard.

Along with sprinkling little details about myself and my own books and short stories, I will also share aspects of myself that help me be my most creative, and aspects of myself that really hold me back.

Couldn't say it better myself

This is not a blog for perfectly filtered photos, meticulously curated posts, and certainly not a blog for 'everything is rosy'.

This is going to be me dumping my brain out like a bad B- rated zombie movie:

Maybe me (Definitely me) IRL

This is going to be me screaming into the void while glaring at a blank google doc:

This is going to be me supporting others while trying not to doubt my own merits:

*will not say high five in Borat voice*

This is blog is going to be a Paper Hurricane.

I invite you to subscribe to the creative chaos.


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