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It's happened! The Imperfectious Podcast Dropped!

We talk about honesty, bravery, sexuality, creativity, and my new book!

imperfectious logo with cat
'Be Imperfectious.'

So if you haven't stumbled upon Andie's podcast yet, well, it's high time you did!

I'm not just saying this because I was on it, Andie is just a marvelous host and her creativity and work ethic never cease to inspire me.

Live action of how I view anything she does.

I went deep down into places in the podcast that I didn't know I'd even scratch.

We talked about the importance of supportive communities, and being honest about what drives you. This really hit home with me because I feel for the longest time I've been dipping and dodging my real calling, and that I need to lean into the creative, Paper Hurricane.

boats in a storm
Is this how you lean into a storm? Asking for a friend

In keeping with the topic, we talked about just how much it sucks to even find your true self (I can't even find my headphones) and how I'd rather lose my passport than get to the nitty gritty of being myself or honest with what I want.

Yes, I mean THIS Gritty.

I may or may not have said being honest with yourself "really sucks."

We though, went into how I put that into the main character's arc in my book 'To Pine for Pink Opals'.

I spoke about how his life is pretty much mapped out by his family, even down to his hairstyle. And through the relationship and friendships he makes throughout the book, he learns to not only find out what he wants, but fight for it.

But if you want more details than that, you'll have to read it.

In addition, we talked at length about being honest about lifestyles, like sexuality and discovering we are both bi-sexual and being open about bi-erasure.

I'm too goddamn Libra to choose.

I loved talking about being a complete fail at social media. I mean at least I have the excuse of having TikTok being illegal in Hong Kong, but damn I am intimidated just trying to understand it.

I won't even get into how lucky I am that the publishing house decided to pick me up first instead of the rather precarious crypto or nft blogs I was applying to.

Yet, I digress.

I really had an amazing time being on a podcast for the first time, and I am so so thankful to have someone like Andie invite me on her Imperfectious podcast so that we can continue to foster and support a growing creative community.

Go ahead, take a break, and give her podcast a listen.

You can find Imperfectious here on Anchor which serves Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcast, Overcast, Pocket Casts, and Radio Public.

You can also learn more about Andie and her works here on her website, and please check out her merch and her Instagram.

And of course, if this piqued your interest in my book or other short stories, you can learn more about them on my works page.

Thanks again, and as always, I'm leaning into the storm....

Victoria Harbor Hong Kng
Dw Hong Kong, I'm not leaving Victoria Harbor

But I am leaving safe harbor!

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