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Friday Fire Reads Presents: The Mafia's Legacy

Author Anisa Worthington gives us spice, poise, and secrecy in her latest novel:

The Mafia's Legacy Romance Novel Anisa Worthington

You can find more on author Anisa Worthington down below my book tease!


Book Rating: 5 skates:

Ice skates

This book STOLE my heart and did a triple axel with it!

Now, while I enjoy watching figure skating, I'm far from an expert, and additionally that is not the main reason why I absolutely loved Author Anisa Worthington's contemporary romance novel, The Mafia's Legacy.

Instead it's how she breaks everything down so smoothly that you feel like you're an expert on organized crime, law, and figure skating, even if you've never read a novel with themes before.

But if you're a mafia story fan, understandand your rights, and stan the skates, you're in for a tantilizing treat.

Anisa Worthington effortlessly weaves her worldbuilding into the gripping, hot, romance plotline while also developing each character in a believeable way. This book first captivated me from the start with its vivid descriptions.

"Mhm, you're finally here." Cora closes her laptop as Victoria slumps into the cushioned seat across from her. The dark red brownstone brick behind her is making her har look like a dark chocolate brown instead of the usual chestnut red. "I ordered us the usual."
Worthington chapter 1: Jazz and Cinnamon

However, if you think that her skills stop at just dialogue and description, you'd be mistaken. Her characters themselves each have a rich well developed personalities and backstories, such as the protagonist Victoria, the secretive, and handsome Antoni, as well as the skilled and gorgeous ice skater, Noah.

Victoria Russo is a law student by day, and secret ice skater by night. Not only that, she is also the sole mafia princess of the Russo Mafia, the top mafia family in New York.

Her dream is to become a criminal defense attorney to help her family, as well as win gold in the district ice skating competition. Her mother even recognizes her fire and spirit.

"I blame your father for that fire in your heart, you get it from his side of the family, not from mine."
Worthington chapter 3: Beauty and her Beast

Yet, no one knows just how driven, strong, and intelligent Victoria is like the two love interests in her life, Noah and Antoni.

I won't spoil anything about these two, however, I will share what made this particular romance novel so inticing. The way that the love interests show their adoration and respect towards Victoria show volumes about Anisa's skill as a writer, and how well she respects the protagonist and the love interests.

"You're capable, Tori. Everyone sees it. It's why they push themselves harder because they know if they slack for even a second, you'll overtake them." [Noah] tilts her head up....
Worthington chapter 8: The Bitter-Sweet Balance

This book is as far from 'damsel in distress' as you can find!

The athletic and gorgeous Noah, Victoria's ice skating rival, challenges her to be the best she can be, and encourages her to believe in herself when she is shadowed in self-doubt. He even advocated her to try out for every ice skating competition, even the Olympics.

Yet, this wouldn't be a fantastic romance story if there wasn't another potential love interest who had fallen madly in love with her.

Her fire has always been strong.... Mix that in with her keen intellect, kind soul, and perspective nature and you got one fiery woman who will face the world head-on, winning by a landslide.
It's one of the reasons [Antoni] fell in love with her.
Worthington chapter 6: Bright Suspicion

This story keeps you guessing for more, and keeps you rooting for all the characters, especially Victoria. Every tense moment, every stray fantasy, every lingering touch is detailed and believable.

I am in awe that Anisa penned a wonderful romance story while also keeping up the plot line of Victoria's drive to be a champion ice skater and lawyer. Will she become the lawyer she wants to be? Will she stand on the podium and get gold?

Or, will someone sabotage her trust when she needs it most?

Never in her life has [Victoria] felt more betrayed than in this moment.
Worthington chapter 10: The Sinful King

You'll just have to read and see!!

Close out of any other apps, and open up 'The Mafia's Legacy' on either Webnovel, Dreame, or iReader to indulge in a contemporary romance novel that will make you yearn to be desired as much as Antoni and Noah desire Victoria.


Enough of me, let's hear from the legendary author herself!


Exclusive Author Interview with Anisa Worthington!

I had another exciting and humbling opportunity to ask fellow indie author, Anisa, the following questions about her book, her inspirations, and of course, herself!

1) Which part of your story was the most fun to write?

The Halloween chapters. I loved the build-up, the costumes, and the romance. It was a struggle to keep the chapters to less than 2000 words.
Also, the scene in the front of the ice rink – readers will know the one I mean. That one scene of Victoria and Noah, then later Antoni, was one of the first scenes I thought up in the very beginning. You could say that the whole story was made just for me to write that one scene.

2) What ingredient do you find really spices up the romance in your novel?

Honesty. Victoria and Antoni are so complicated with such a twisted past, that things like bringing in a potential love interest or having each other be threatened just weren’t going to cut it.
They could see through it. So, the honesty from each other – oftentimes brutal and explosive – is what really allowed the romance to form. It led to them getting closer, both physically and emotionally.

3) What piece of advice do you have for other aspiring or other indie authors out there?

Just write. I know everyone says this, but it’s true. I never saw myself as a writer, my goal has always been to help others with their stories as an editor, but I couldn’t stop the ideas I was having. I realized that people don’t always choose what stories to write, sometimes the stories choose the people.
So, if you have an idea, write it down. Only once the initial thought is written can the story develop and grow into something extraordinary.

About the Author:

Anisa has a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in English Literature and Creative Writing. If there's one thing I've learned, it's that stories have purpose and meaning.

One story – regardless of the genre – can save a life, changing it completely. The life-changing power writing possesses, and the Percy Jackson series I read as a pre-teen, are what sparked my interest in the English language at a young age. Since then, I knew I was going to carve out a career in English. I love reading. I love editing. However, in-between volleyball practice, listening to nearly every music genre created, and taking my dog on walks, I would always have these stories in my head. Until university, I thought it would be more fulfilling to ignore these stories and instead help others by editing their stories first. Yet, constantly learning about the English language and the multiple theories behind creating stories has taught me how to place the stories I saw around me onto paper, not to mention it kept me inspired on a daily basis.

Now I am happy to say I understand how to successfully help others write their stories whilst actively writing my own as well, putting to practice everything I've learned.

You can find more on Anisa on her website, Facebook, and Instagram

Thank you for reading, and as always embrace the Paper Hurricane!

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