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Friday Fire Reads Presents: Lost in Havana

I lost myself in author Aneesah Wilcox's new smoldering novel:

You can find more on author Aneesah Wilcox, AZW down below my book tease!


Book Rating: 5 Bouquets!

I fell in love with this book like a tossed bouquet into someone's arms!

Aneesah Wilcox, who I will now refer to as her preferred pen name AZW, settles you down into a paranormal world where a werewolf Alpha, Michael, has to decide between his identity, and a magnetic woman name Havana.

See what she did there? Havana isn't a place, she's the love interest!

And what is additionally interesting about this book, is it's told from Michael's perspective, a fresh take on the romance novel genre that frequently has authors have their books' persepective from a female protagonist.

Yet, because of this perspective we get a glimpse into his conflicted psyche over his marriage alliance to a new bride, and a chance encounter he has with Havana.

After she has to hastily leave, we are left with his desperate thoughts.

What was her rush to leave? Was she not as invested in this conversation as I was? Why did I even care? I don’t even know her name and here I am stressing over where she enjoyed our small talk or not.
AZW Chapter 1: Chance Encounter

What sets this book apart are the sheer amount of internal and external conflicts keeping our protagonist, Michael, the male Alpha werewolf, and Havana, the female human, apart.

Michael is engaged to another female Alpha, Jane, who is gorgeous and driven. Michael's pack depends on this alliance with Jane's pack, and his duty to his family and his pack has been driven into him since he was little.

He goes against his very nature to make sure that Jane's needs are met.

There was a small bar just beyond the woods in my backyard. I had never gone, but I heard various pack members discuss plans of going and stories….If sneaking out was what my bride wanted to do, then despite how I felt about it I would try for [Jane].
AZW Chapter 2: Here Comes the Bride

This shows just how Michael will go out of his way to support people in his life, even if it makes him uncomfortable or sacrifices his own happiness.

Without giving too much away, not only in this paranormal universe are wolves and humans frowned upon being together, but Michael himself has a lot of trauma to work through in dealing with a match between species.

His own father is a male werewolf and his mother a female human, and their marriage ended in disaster. He is deathly afraid of becoming like his father.

“...I’m scared. I don’t want to become like dad. I don’t want a love like [my mother's].”
AZW Chapter 10: The Truth

Yet, despite these fears he finds himself unable to pull himself out of Havana's

gravitational orbit. He is transfixed by her, and her unfortunate challenges and


Michael is blind-sided by how Havana has slipped into his life, and how protective and concerned he finds himself of her. He drops everything to be with her, but still he finds himself holding back for good of his tribe and for his people.

I had only just met her, and yet my feelings were so strong. I thought so highly of her even though she was human, but I knew this couldn’t amount to more than a friendship.
AZW Chapter 4: Surprise, Surprise

AZW rips us back and forth regarding these two wonderful characters, but you never stop cheering for them.

Slowly, slowly, AZW brings Michael to the realization that what he feels for Havana cannot be kept to simple platonic friendship.

However, yet another obstacle is in their way.

To put it mildly, Havana hasn't had an easy life. She's alone, and at the tipping point of trying to escape the horrific situation she has found herself in, but at the same time resigns herself that finding something better isn't feasible for her.

“No you did nothing wrong. I’ve had my answer for a while now. I’m just afraid if I admit it, then I’ll lose all the peace that comes with being here.” [Havana] admits.
AZW Chapter 1: Chance Encounter

AZW sets up so many questions that I myself have asked myself time and time again in life, and it really struck me how so much of her novel resonated with me, despite it being a paranormal romance.

What happens when everything you've experienced shows you that the relationship is doomed to fail?

What do you do when everyone you are responsible for are relying on you to come through with a critical alliance?

How will you react when the person you fall in love with says it's been a mistake?

How much will you fight for something you know in your heart is the right choice?

These are all questions that Michael has to face, answer, and overcome to go from being 'Lost in Havana' to 'Being with the love of his life, Havana'.

How will Michael overcome these obstacles, or...will he?

Turn down the music, and curl up with 'Lost In Havana' on either Webnovel, Dreame, or iReader.

Allow yourself to sink into a romance between the honorable Michael, and the warm-hearted Havana that vies to triumph against all odds.


That's enough of a tease, now let's here from Aneesah Wilcox, the author herself!


Exclusive Author Interview with Aneesah Wilcox!

I had another exciting and humbling opportunity to ask fellow indie author, Anisa, the following questions about her book, her inspirations, and of course, herself!

1) Which part of your book was the most fun to write?

I think the most fun part of writing Lost in Havana was having the two main characters Michael and Havana meet for the first time. The meeting between the two was so ordinary at the beginning of the story, but that one meeting is what made the rest of the story so easy to write afterward.
It’s a story that focuses on the process of them developing and navigating through their feelings for one another.

2) What do you find is the most difficult part of being an indie author?

For me, the most difficult part of being an indie author is promoting yourself and getting your work out there despite what negative reviews you may get in return.
My writings are something that I hold very dear to me and I’m often afraid to share them because I don’t know how others will react to them. Will they love it or hate it? That’s what scares me and I think that’s what makes the process difficult.

3) What piece of advice do you have for indie authors looking to either self-publish or to try to strike out on their own?

My advice to other indie authors is never to give up. Always love what you produce and if you don’t love it, do it over. Rewrite it until you’re happy and regardless of what anyone says know that you did your best and if you love it then someone else will.
Also, I want to stress the importance of having a strong support team. It can be friends or family but their love and loyalty will go a long way in pushing you to continue even when you may feel discouraged.

About the Author:

Aneesah Wilcox better known as AZW was born on April 15, 1998 and is a Philadelphian born and raised author.

Since the start of her career Aneesah has been writing fictional romance stories. She’s written several books both completed and uncompleted on Wattpad before attending Chestnut Hill College to work on her craft and turn what others had seen as a hobby into what would become her career. After graduation Aneesah put her full focus onto making stories that she would read and that would whisk her away for a couple hours from reality. Now she’s living her dream and sharing it with the world.

You can find more on Aneesah on her Instagram!

Thank you for reading, and as always embrace the Paper Hurricane!

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