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For Lycans, Press One is published!

If you want to support me in my surprising second career, read ahead!

Meg Carlyle Birthday
Yes, I had my cake and ate it too.

So, I'm this much thrilled that my book has not only hit Webnovel, but also iReader and the amazing platform, Kindle Vella!

I know that people who read my blog may not know these apps, but they're basically syndicated novel platforms where you can test out a book before you buy.

One way to support me through my indie author adventures is to help readers who already use these apps and love this genre to find my book.

As most apps nowadays....they have an algo.

the struggle is real

Leaving comments or reviews on my book will help boost my book up through the algo, and help readers find my book!

I'd appreciate it more than you know if you could get Webnovel, give my novel a try, and leave a review!

  1. Get this app.

  2. Search for 'For Lycans, Press One'

3. You'll find my novel, the page will look like this. Click read now, or if you don't have the time, you can still leave a review, just scroll down!

4. click on the reviews, and then you can create your own OUTRAGEOUS, RIDICULOUS review like a few people already have.

5. Click on the blue circle with the pencil and let your creativity FLY!

While I'd love for all my friends to read my book if they're curious about it, I do know life happens! Yet, if you have an extra 3 minutes, I'd appreciate it and I'll thank you profusely.

This is a work that I'm proud in and working my hardest in persisting in outside my full time job writing too many LinkedIn pages for Defi companies. I thank each and every one of you for liking my posts, and clicking, and supporting me through this.

Because this is weird for me, I never thought I'd be writing romance novels, but I'm really enjoying it because there is already a lot of shit going on in this world, and this is a place where things can be a little less shit.

Thank you all! I'll keep you updated as the novel progresses!

Oh and of course, Happy Halloween from the Paper Hurricane!


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