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Celebrate those small writing victories.

A lot of the time, I'll grimace at my aging laptop screen and hope that my muse will possess my fingers to type out witty, profound, and punchy lines of writing that everyone will gasp in awe at.

Totally just like this

Instead, I usually just settle for something that's hopefully gramatically correct, or at least doesn't read like someone drunkenly put together fridge word magnets.

fridge magnet poetry
I cannot take credit for this masterpiece

Yet, today I overcame some serious writers' block with my novel, and I am allowing myself to be proud of this small acheivement.

Is it something that no one has ever done before? No.

But one thing I am learning is that we all have to celebrate our own creative victories no matter how small because as one famous author penned in his book Oathbringer:

"To love the journey is to accept no such end. I have found, through painful experience, that the most important step a person can take is always the next one."
-Brandon Sanderson

I am trying to take this to heart, and know that just like so many things in life, we must keep persisting.

So, in keeping with this, I'll continue supporting and promoting not only other authors, but my own works as well.


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