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The Curious Falcon Strikes Again!

The glowgophers didn't get him!

“Good evening everyone, this is Charlene Chartruse with your NBT Charleston 11'o clock evening news, and this is my co-anchor Randy Mc Sponge. It's Wednesday March 21st 2029 and the moon is still hanging in the sky. Persistent little fella. How are you this evening, Randy?” The anchorwoman in her standardized wraparound sunglasses and mask strapped over her stringy bob motions to her co-anchor.

“Randy is dandy, despite this horrible weather. Thanks for asking Charlene.” Randy's lost more weight, its apparent even under his PPE.

“I'll have to take some notes on your positivity, because yes with the incessant radiation showers we've been having, it's been hard to have a sunny disposition.”

“But the sun is actually the brightest thing in the sky this week now that the Atlanta reactor has finally fully melted down, but let's save that good report for Walter with weather.” Randy gives a thumbs up with his remaining hand as the camera pans back to Charlene.

“Yes, Walter will be thrilled to share that news with our hundreds of our viewers. And besides we have some breaking news that's could be even more exciting than a chance of blue sky.” Charlene leads, turning her head to the left for a brief moment, revealing the side of her head that lacking an ear, before immediately correcting her movement.

“Oh yes? And what is that Charlene?” Randy asks, his voice high in genuine anticipation and glee.

“The one and only, mystery with a paintcan, Curious Falcon is back in Charleston with a new street art mural!” Charlene this time smiles with all her remaining teeth, which to her credit are white and straight.

Randy looks so shocked, his jowls quiver.

“No kidding?! It's been weeks! To think the president of the CDC thought the glowgophers got him!” Randy sheds a tear, a tremendous effort for humans since most have lost operating tear ducts.

“Its confirmed. He's back and his new mural is better than ever. We're going to Santana on the street for a close-up exclusive of his latest work.” Charlene lifts her good arm, a gold-plated iodine bracelet dangles from her enfeebled wrist toward the screen behind her.

A panel lights up and shows the charred side of the abandonded College of Charleston admissions hall nestled in between charred wooden skeletons that used to be Magnolia trees.

In front of the camera in full anti-radon yellow hazmat gear is a human, supposednly Santana Rodriguez, the only reporter worth a damn left in Charleston brave enough to venture out at night when the BoneOwl threat is at level 7. 

“Yes! It is confirmed. Curious Falcon is back gracing us with his magnificant works of mural art. Witnesses state that this wall we're about to show you was bare today at noon, so Curious Falcon must have been struck with their creative genius between the hours of noon and six thirty nine pm when the Marine coprse corps came though on disposal duty.

“Oh, is it like his last one? When he took the concept of Guernica but instead put in all colors of the rainbow and updated it to include the melted effel tower?” Randy can barely stay in his seat despite his decades of practiced professionalism.

“No, this one...this one is truly special. This one I believe serves as a light to give us all hope.” Santana's voice waivers, which has nothing to do with the air quality being 1200 aqi commands her drone camera to spin to the right 90 degrees and further down the scorched brick wall was a breathtaking scene.

“Oh my heavens.” Charlene gasped and stood up, revealing her heart monitor tubes and cholestomy bag taped to her magenta business suit.

The drone camera has revealed a work of renaissance art that inspired most in the pre WWIII era to take photos despite it being outlawed to.

It was a masterpiece to show humanity hope.

“Yes, indeed Charlene. Curious Falcon has completely recreated the central panel of the former Sistine Chapel.” Santana's voice, laden thick in awe and emotion announces.

For a moment, there's no noise, not even the buzz of the shock-mosquitoes.

“...if the Pope were alive to see this, he'd waste no time blessing it.” the camera cuts back to Randy who signs the sign of the cross despite renouncing religion on live television two years ago.

“Here, people have already started to gather despite the strict curfew put in place by Commander in Law. I interviewed one survivor here that she says that it's a sign from above that despite our darkest hours, art will always perservere.”

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