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Friday Fire Reads Presents: Struck by the Billionaire's Love

Angel Shine's latest novel is a hilarious collision of missteps and romance!

Struck by the Billionaire's Love

You can find more on author on Angel Shine down below my book tease!

Book Rating: 5 cross walk signals!

crosswalk traffic light

When you're hit by a car, the last thing I'd expect is that the driver is a helpful billionaire!

'Struck by the Billionaire's Love' by Angel Shine struck me like finding a fifty dollar bill after a bad day, or maybe like the opposite of that Alanis Morissette song 'Ironic'.

And, just in case I confused you, that's a FANTASTIC thing.

The story opens with Eshe, an elementary school teacher who is dutifully helping her students do an assignment. I absolutely love the attention to detail with her teaching because as a former teacher, her way of positive reinforcing her students is spot-on.

Especially with how it opposes the thoughts that race through her mind following her absolute disaster of a date the previous evening.

'Why is it that everytime I meet a cute guy, he turns out to be a lying bum?'
Shine Chapter 1: The Collision

The story is written in third-person present which I actually really love because you get enough objectivity to give the writing some weight, but you also get an insight into the main character's thoughts like above.

I really do relate to Eshe, because who hasn't been on a disaster of a date, where the other person is either pretending to be someone else, or is just a total let down?

Going into a first date with the expectation of honesty is a low bar, and I'm glad the protagonist thinks so as well.

However, the story takes a right turn when Eshe receives a call from the hospital about her younger sister Nia.

Big sister Eshe is on it!

You can tell that Eshe really cares and feels responsible for her younger sister because of how well Angel breadcrumbs little details into the story about her life revolves around her.

I'm so glad this school had an opening....I couldnt imagine taking the train to get to her on her bad days
Shine Chapter 1: The Collsion

Yet, of course, no good deed goes unpunished.

Eshe drops everything to go to the hospital to tend to her sister, and then BOOM

She feels her body smack warm metal and roll upwards on the hood of a car before her mind catches up to what is happening.
Shine Chapter 1: The Collision

Angel does such a great job describing what it feels like to be hit by a car, that I really, truly hope that she isn't speaking from experience!

Yet, this is when the story really starts to take off!

Sitting next to her in the hospital room, is none other than the man who hit her with his car.

...a tall handsome man in a white, long-sleeve button up shirt and charcoal gray slacks approaches her bedside, gently touching her shoulder.
Shine Chapter 2: "Newlyweds"

She then tells him to not touch her, which YES.

The story then goes through some more banter that made me laugh out loud for real, which I am definitely not going to spoil here, but you should definitely check out.

Because, even though we all want the dashing white knight, Damien Godlee, to be there out of the goodness of his own heart, but no,

Damien just argues that he had the right-of-way.


He doesn't stop there, he tries to get her to sign a contract that will authorize him to pay for her medical treatment, but also prohibit her from telling anyone about the 'situation' or 'any adjacent circumstances'.

Again, more audacity! I love how this story starts out with you thinking how on earth are these two going to even end up together?

And then, to top it off, the nurse has this to say:

“Uh-Oh, are the newlyweds having trouble in paradise? You should go easy on him. He’s been worried sick about you this entire time”
Shine Chapter 2: "Newlyweds"

Oh wow, so he lied about them being married so that he can gain visitation access to her hospital room to get her to sign the contract.

However, before we write Damien off as a complete loss, he does redeem himself by still remaining at the hospital to help Eshe get to her sister's room.

What a day. I can’t believe it’s been three hours! And he’s actually coming back? Why can’t I shake this guy?
Shine Chapter 4: Reliance on a Stranger

Angel Shine sets us up for more than a whirlwind romance, she sets us up for some relatable real-life trauma involving the main character's family, and a love interest who seems to only be acting out of his own best interests at first.

I love too how from right out the gate, Eshe values honesty, which is definitely not this love interest's strong point since he lied about them being married.

Again, I have so many questions.

Who is this Damien Godlee really?

How will Eshe balance her life better between what she wants and needs, and her family?

What is going to happen to keep the love interest in Eshe's life?

How can two people, from two completely different worlds come together when their meeting is based on a total disaster?

It's the weekend, time to treat yourself to a wonderfully written novel 'Struck by the Billionaire's Love' by Angel Shine RIGHT NOW on either KindleVella, Webnovel, Dreame, or iReader.


Now: My exclusive author interview with Angel Shine!


1) Which part of your book was the most fun to write?

I loved writing the banter and interactions between Damien and Eshe because I wanted to make her super relatable with a hard life (sorry Eshe) and he's a wealthy, snarky, blunt dude that can be kind of rude but really means well.
Which is a personality that's very attention-grabbing. But truth be told, tragic love stories and fantasy/adventure are my naturally skilled genres which is why I'm even more excited for the next project (unaffiliated to eglobal because it's intended to help raise donations for a friend with cancer (single mother of 2)

2) What do you find is the most difficult part of being an indie author?

Being an indie author is challenging because you're doing a lot of legwork getting your name out there and gathering a following.
Social media is a godsend because it helps you reach the screens of thousands of people much quicker than even just 15 years ago.
You can do ads, repeatedly post varieties of things at different increments of the day to pack up the algorithms, and drop your link and any blog, vlog, or review that lets you lol.

3) What piece of advice do you have for indie authors looking to either self-publish or to try to strike out on their own?

Do not underestimate the power of social media.
Creating things to tell fans about your interests and dislikes, personality, and goals, helps them connect with you and want to follow you.
It also piques curiosity of people that may know you of checking out your work and supporting you. Never give up.
I've had my toes in and out of the writing world for years using different pseudonyms. I am all out with it now because everytime I failed or thought I could do better, I didn't stop. And now, nothing's going to stop me unless Jesus calls me home. (God gave us free will and He's our only judge).
I am not perfect and anything that anyone else does is none of my business unless it negatively affects me or those I love-- there's a lot going on in the world that's giving Christians a bad rap but not all Christians are good Christians and they don't speak for all of us.

About the Author

I'm a USAF veteran with a Bachelor's in Mortuary Science and a Certificate in EMS. I worked in both fields until I decided to pursue new endeavors that would allow me to have more time with loved ones and my dream of writing. since the pandemic uprooted my entire life-- never forget the recipe to lemonade!

I used to have top rated fanfics on Quizilla YEARS ago under Sesshomaruschambermaid; yes, I'm an anime geek. And currently I'm in the running for Maxim's Next Cover Model Contest -- support greatly appreciated as a portion of proceeds go to building homes for wounded veterans (freedom isn't free).

You can find more about Angel Shine on her Instagram @thisAngelShine and the same on tiktok!

Thank you again for reading, and as always, Embrace the Paper Hurricane!

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